WEDDING VENUE #1 : Cafe Al Ghufran, TTDI


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Hello Everyone!

Hey, Bride2Be! Have you grown TIRED of seeking the perfect venue for your big day? *sigh*


There are a lot of WONDERFUL locations perfect for wedding receptions in Malaysia. Yeah, REALLY!

OK lovelies. This is one of my favourite place. Get boring with banquet hall? DBKL hall? And…. Thinking of something different?


Located in a hill at Pinggir Taman Tun Dr Ismail with VERY REASONABLE prices wedding packages that include venue, foods & decorations. Nothing beats the fresh air! Those rich, luxurious wood panellings and lighting at night are PERFECT for the couple looking for a timeless and elegant wedding.

(Photos from my bridal albums. We are the panel decorator there – for more info, dont hesitate to drop me a msg at 013 686 8883)

Here are packages offered by them, Call +6013.686.8883 Humairah


Call/ SMS/ Whatsapp their wedding plannner

+6013 686 8883



LIFE : The World Richest Man *heart*



This video touched my heart, it always makes me tear up when that little girl is standing there in her school uniform. This is makes me want to do the same, its amazing how he did all these things to make sure everybody and everything else feel appreciated. He showed love and he didn’t want anything in return, its beautiful it really is. This video also makes you see the world so different as well because since there is so much happening the world only focuses on the negative but this clearly focuses and teaches us that there is always hope in this world we just need to show and share it. This video should be shared to teach everyone else the same.

Great Husband material!!! HE is the BEST, proving that giving back has its own rewards that you don’t have to look for